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Creation of the furniture factory's corporative website 

"When furniture is an art..." - this is not just slogan for us, this is our work style. We were sticking to it creating corporative website for "New style" company. The creation of corporative site requires to take into account all the nuances of company work, her targeted audience, the scope of work and future priorities. "New style" makes the kind of work closed to us. They create individual project for every client. After their request we were glad to help by creating great website.

Furniture factory "New style"

Website creation can be an art represented by modern web technologies. The "New Style's" site is a good example. Read how we did it, which technologies had being applied and how much time it took.

The development had started with the design. We choosed strict classic style with retro elements based on dark colors. Therefore we wanted to show times connection, esthetic component of business and quality and level of the production. All of this we had to harmonically combine in layout and provide to our customer. We succeeded in realizing that in Metro design with elements of minimalism. Some pages content elements of Flat design 2.0. It's hard for customer to understand that kind of production only by description, that's why we decided to use more animation and images. The site structure consists of main page, gallery, category section and description of every single product. Site navigation is implemented through hamburger menu, which is still so actual. On the background of every page were used photos of production with interactive zoom for volume effect. In other words, we applied duoton to hold user's attention on company's main product. In this case all production turn out in the whole user's screen, where he can see it clearly. At the end parallax-effect, sliders, vertical scrolling create volume and complicity of layout concept.

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