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Corporative site for clinic of esthetic medicine

Esthetic medicine targets on a beauty creating with account all the detailsю It provides maximal care and comfort for client. Website is not the last thing in that case, because client has to see a service list, understand the competence of doctor and access reviews. This kind of medicine is very new for modern consumer, that's why we wanted to create for esthetic medicine clinic a website, which is full of innovation and beauty.

Authorial page of doctor Tryfonova M.

"A beauty has the name", and our task is to reflect that name in the mindset of site's visitors. Beauty has to refer not only in your services, but on your site, which we had created for esthectic medicine clinic of Mariya Tryfonova with big pleasure.

The esthetic medicine clinic of Mariya Tryfonova provides a big list of service for caring for appearance and beauty. Going by this we had chosen not ordinary site structure for that case. The site based on bright design with minimalistic color range. The main page is implemented with metro style. It's structure has a grid with slanted blocks. An information of services is adding in the site's tree. The navigation panel is hidden in the hamburger menu. Each service has graphic design in the form of image and text. The last one was created with a view to easily adding of information by client, and a visitor of site receives the most available, clear and necessary information. We have achieved it by creating practical and easy for understanding administrative panel using php language. Besides, client wanted to create a small online-store with descriptions and images. That had not become a problem, because we are making sites using our own development, not ready CMS. Also there are photo gallery, video gallery, articles and news about services on the site. How do all the elements, pages and menus look, you can read below.

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