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Creation of one page site for floristic studio

Who wouldn't want to gift flowers to their favaourites with pleasant aroma, which were grown in unique natural conditions of Netherlands, Britain, Brasil and other countries. Flower Shop by Yaroslaw Gapish is a gold pearl created for Crimea.

The studio of floristics and decor was being created with sense of beauty. Original pictures, stylistic gallery, natural animation were realized at the landing page filled with bouquet of advanced IT technologies. 

Studio of floristics and decorating "Vila Elena"

Vila Elena is a website combining all the elements of beauty not only in flowers but in design, development, promotion. How we were doing that, which technologies were being applied and how much time took, you can read below.

We had a task to create an original and useful site with an ability to add a product catalog without description. Choice fall on a landing page.

Design of the website was being created taking into account modern trends, therefore we decided to use bright light style. Straight grid of elements with tiled structure in Metro-style creates practicability and visibility for user. An aesthetic beauty is complemented by parallax-scrolling with animation effects. Responsive design is a modern trend in development, without which this site would be looked the same type on the all devices.

Responsivity of design allows to involve user into long scrolling and to receive information about flowers at ease and dosed.

The administrative panel has been made with PHP language. This is our unique development without any stolen or borrowed technologies. Everything was being created for client and his needs. Originality in design means simplicity in website management as well. This is the quintessence we have managed to reach.

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